Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jealous of the Moon and RX Issues

Well...I was going to try to post some pictures of my before and after and the progress I have made, but I guess the picture uploading issue isn't resolved. So again, another day. I got some really cool cloud pictures I wanted to show too. Maybe I will upload them somewhere else and post the link later on today, if I get the time.

I heard this song a few weeks ago on the radio. You know how you hear a song and it hits you and you love it? How it sings to your soul? I have only heard it a few times ever. I guess this group is really popular and the song has been out for awhile. Somehow I had never heard it.
It reminds me of me, it reminds me of you, and it reminds me of all of us at some point in our lives. I burst into tears the first time I heard it.
It's a beautiful song. I finally found all the lyrics.

"Nickel Creek "

"Jealous Of The Moon"

Tryin' on a brand new dress
But you haven't worn the old one yet
You've come too far
To turn around now

You've given up the good fight
You're as strong as anyone
You're back where you started from
I see you're back where you started from

Starin' down the stars
Jealous of the moon
You wish you could fly
Just being where you are
There's nothin' you can do
If you're too scared to try

Drag your pretty head around
Swearin' you're gonna drown
With a beautiful sigh
And a river of lies
Starin' down the stars

Jealous of the moon
You wish you could fly
Just stayin' where you are
There's nothin' you can do
If you're too scared to try

Why don't you call me,
I could save you
Together we'll find a God
we can pray to
That'll take you by the hand

I hate to see a friend of mine
Laughing out loud
When she's crying inside
But you've got your pride
Starin' down the stars

Jealous of the moon
You wish you could fly
But you're stayin' where you are
There's nothin' you can do
If you're too scared to try

You're starin' down the stars
Stayin' where you are
You're jealous of the moon
But there's nothing you can do
If you're too scared to try

I like this song a lot too:

Fill your heart with light
Allow it to find you
Surrender your fears,
your pain and your tears.
Fill your soul with light
Allow it to guide you
To your true self
Don't be afraid to let go.
~ Francine Aubrey

As I cruise the Blogosphere, I am noticing a lot of people with Health Insurance issues. Not enough money to pay for meds that are needed to live their daily lives.People are going without. How many people actually die because they couldn't but their meds, I wonder. I don't think that would be listed on the death certificate as the cause of death, do you?
It makes me sick that a country like the United States of America even has a tiny issue with this, let alone a HUGE one.
I hate George Bush. I can't wait til he is out of the Presidency. Did I ever tell any of you that? AND no, DUBYA, the media did not create my opinion for me or influence me. I said when you were cheated into your position, that our country was going to Hell, cuz maybe YOU are the Anti- Christ. You have done nothing yet to prove my theory wrong. You continue to validate my thoughts.
The IRS wants to sell our personal information. To protect us.
OH GOODY!! NEATO!! Thanks Big Brother!!I don't know how I would manage my life without all those other people having my information.
I am in the wrong freaking buisness I guess.
Our personal tax information is already processed by people outside of the country. Our Federal Govenment is so helpful, and thoughtful to provide jobs to others by outsourceing more jobs. We have way too many jobs here in the US now, anyway. Nobody in the US needs that money to live on. GRRRRRRR. sidetracked from Goodness and Light...
Here is a resource that is awesome. I hope this info helps someone. They have programs that fit for everybody.
Free Medicine Foundation brings together America's pharmaceutical companies, doctors, patient advocacy organizations and civic groups to help low to mid-income, uninsured patients get free or nearly free prescription medicines. Its mission is to increase awareness of and enrollment in existing patient assistance programs for those who may be eligible. Through their website, Free Medicine Foundation offers a single point of access to more than 500 public and private patient assistance programs, including more than 150 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. To learn more visit or call 1-573-996-3333 to request a free application.
Thank Canada a little for this, by the way.

I am off to my storage shed to sort though stuff, and bring a load home. I hate going to my storage. I have have things in there for 2 years in May. It's time to sort through it and move on... More about that another day.
I am debating on having a yard sale. Sometimes is is worth it and sometimes not.

Tally HO!! Onward!!
Tits up, Chin out!!


Babs said...

Oh my... Goodness and light and the anti-Christ all in one post! Amusing!! Well, not the anti-Christ Bush, he sucks.

Hey, my word veri is "smenita". Sounds like a new illness. I'm going to tell someone I have "smenita" and see if they back away really fast. Hmmm.. not letting me comment. Freaking blogger. Blame Dubya.
Hey, I can comment now, so I am.

chattymoon2012 said...

Ditto on the first part that Babs said...I watch Lou Dobbs every night on CNN. He isn't afraid to voice his opinions, even tho many want to shut him up. You know, this isn't the US I entered in 1979. One day we are all gonna wake up and be wearing a great black sheet over our heads or learning Chinese. Unless Iran and Korea blast us out of existance first. Where ever we go after that, we certainly won't need any insurance (boy do I feel cynical tonite) And it was such a nice moon song, too *sniff*

Nancy said...

Clance, I feel like I've been gon forever from here. I usually check everyday. Great song lyrics. I'm learning to bring my camera every where. Blogger is having uploading problems and I've been going to file lodge to get html code and doing it that way.

Happy Spring Clance