Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Dorothy Parker Society

Here are some audio clips of Dorothy Parker reading her own works at age 71. Her personal and public life was one of high society, controversy, addiction, joy, pain and tragedy.
Dorothy Parker Society
I wonder if she ever knew how great she was, or how many people adored her during her life. I know she knows many people still adore her. She has inspired me onward during many a tough time in my life.
One of my other favorite quotes of Dottie's is:
I should never have put all of my eggs into one bastard.

Almost Full Moon

I took this picture this evening a little after midnight. It has been raining here forever so I have not been able to take any night pictures. I wanted to share this one. It came out pretty cool. Taking pictures at night is one of the "nurturing" things I do for my Self.
I have a lot of pictures to upload from the last month or so. It seems every time I try, I am not able for one reason or another. Blogger issues I imagine. I know there have been a lot of problems, but I have been here a very long time, and tho it takes awhile when they do have a problem, they always fix it. I am so glad Bab's blogs are back and no harm except frustration have happened.