Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Birthday to Babs!

Happy Birthday Babs! You are on of the most remarkable people I have ever been honored to "meet". Your compassion is unbelievable and the support you provide others is a gift beyond compare. You are carrying out your purpose...

We are having a chat birthday party for Bab's today at The Tower. Come wish her Happy Birthday and all of us a Happy New Year. If you havn't gained admission yet there are a lot of moderators that can approve you very quickly. You can sign her birthday card that Denise made... here. If you have tender eyes DO NOT GO. You will be blind...or grow hair on your hands or something like that.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
She is probably snoozing since we were in there half the night entertaining each other! What Fun....I was laughing so hard half the time I had tears rolling.
SOONER! SOONER? Where are ya Buddy?