Saturday, January 27, 2007

Brilliance and the 49er

I amaze my Self with my brilliance most of the time. When I originally set up On a Quest on old Blogger (being the technical genius that I am) I didn't know I could have more than one blog on the same user and password. I had sent my Self an invite so I could have both blogs on the same dash board. Anyhoo...when I changed to the new blogger at The Church, On a Quest did not change. Then I , of course couldn't remember the user and p.w. and I had set this up when I had AOL and don't have access to the email address any longer. Anyway I couldn't post here. Now I finally figured out what user name I had used to set this up. Guess what the user name was that I couldn't for the life of me figure out? My friggin' name. DUH.
So......I am up and running again.
I suppose I should get around and about blogging so you know I am here again. I have to go find my Buddie's.