Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why yes....I am back...

Long vacation huh? *snicker**
I will be up dating On a Quest... with some of my adventures soon... but right now I just don't have time to do both blogs. I am posting regularly at The Church. That doesn't help if your not much a NASCAR fan tho does it!! I miss all my regular reader's here a lot, especially The Tower members.
I will be back posting here ASAP, probably after the New Year. Don't forget Bab's birthday is Dec.31. I think it would suck to have a birthday on a day the whole world celebrates. I think the New Year celebration's might over ride the birthday. I know that on the years that the Super Bowl falls on mine (Lauren's birthday is the same day as mine you now!)everyone always forgets me.
Anyway, I am watching, as well as I can, the new grandbaby. I hear him peeping and gotta run!! MIss you All ....Later Gator's!