Thursday, December 08, 2005

Google Search

This is interesting....enter the word liar and see what the top result is...Taz will like this one.


Ok...Babs Tagged me. I am a bit on the slow side with that one. I am doing it tho!
It just isn't going to be done today. I have a couple of major commitments and hopefully I will be able to fully sit down, contemplate on the subjects, and put it all down sometime in the next day or so. I promise I will do it ASAP. It may be in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping if I was a normal person.
I always do this on the new year. I have never done it publicly. Kind of like taking inventory and showing it to another Human Being...I like the idea of skipping the Fourth step you know. KIDDING!!!!
I am into lazy deep thought right now. Read someone else's.
I am trying to avoid depp thoughts. Trying to stay sane thru this treatment.
Did any one see my pics on the Church Site? I played with Flickr a little when I couldn't sleep last night. You can actually make comments on the pics like a blog. Perty Coowell. I might put some here too.
Tally HO! Gotta GO!!