Friday, November 25, 2005


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Man oh man....bodies are dropping faster than I can add them to my Heavenly Links...

More dead...

Lauren (Chameleon2)-Blog died Nov 25, 2005 approx 3:40 pm CT....death by Blogster owners...RIP
The Blindman -Blog died Nov 25, 2005 approx 4:05 pm CT....death by Blogster owners...RIP
Jess (Gooner)-Blog died Nov 25, 2005 approx 6:05 pm CT....death by Blogster owners...RIP
Soonerfan78 - Blog died Nov 25, 2005 approx 8:50 pm CT....death by Blogster owners...RIP
Chief Blogster - Blog died Nov 25, 2005 time of death unknown CT....under investigation...RIP

R.I.P....another murder.

Sydney (obliqueone)- Blog died Nov 25, 2005 approx 12:40 pm CT....death by the serial Blog Killer...RIP.
posted by Babs at 1:05 PM

You can contact Sydnee in Blog Heaven here.

Free Speech and Interpretation or Blog Killers on the Loose.

I want to clarify what I believe to be the reason my favorite Moron Hosts will say they beheaded and killed then cremated me and Babs and Denise and who knows how many others by now..... before they post their explanation, if they ever do.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. May my posts and comments Rest in Peace with Jimi... because they are gone (at least to me) forever.

Anyone who reads my blogs know that I rarely, if ever swear in my posts... Never on The Church of the Great Oval and rarely on the beheaded dead and cremated "On a Quest" and "The Church of the Great Oval #2" formerly published on the blog host that does not allow Free Speech or Artistic Freedom through Photography.

I was appalled at the fact that Bab's and Denise's blogs were cremated. Yes... they frequently posted passionate expletives, and push it to the edge photo's and polls etc. So do many other Bloggers at that same host. The only difference between Bab's and Denise and the other Blogger's that post the type of "humorous, sometime a little racy" posts is Bab's and Denise were also very vocal in voicing displeasure at the problems within the new owners infrastructure and lack of professionalism. Here are some of the frustrations expressed by many, which began this great drama.

Problems with infrastructure...
Links and references to Apology's and Excuses:
Welcome to the New Blogster
Walleye Speaks
Sorry again
Sorry again
Still sorry...
Weekly Update!!
Another Update
Update 11/21/05
Just Clarification
Welcome to NEW Blogster again...

Starting to get the picture?
Here are a couple interesting posts from the new owner of "Let's run the site like NAZI'S":
On Censorship.

** I want to note I was one of those people who wrote him nice e-mail and posted nice comments on his blog encouraging him to hang in there.
That this too will pass.**

On Professionalism:

"I just talked to Arthur, the former CB at Blogster and he swears that the speed and time out issues that we are seeing now were exactly the same under his regime. I would like to know from everyone if you had all of these speed and timeout issues prior to three weeks ago, because the site has not left Arthur's server. We have done nothing to cause these problems. Its apparent to us that it is something Arthur has done and he is not being cooperative to get the speed fixed. I apologize for this." Walleyeman posted 10/14/2005

So much for my favorite Walleye Man posts. I will save the best for last. On with the story...

My first thought was "Oh, it is just another tech issue." I watched as comments began to stack up on the owners blog and on the new editors blog. All censored, with #### covering up the FUCK word. Then I noticed as I bounced back and forth reading those comments that some of those comments were disappearing minutes after they were posted. But only the comments that were "bad". The naughty comments.
I then thought: "oh they don't really have an actual human editor, it's a bot."
So I started fucking with the FUCK word. **(F.U.C.K. was an acronym for Focused Unaturally on Carnal Knowlege in patients mental hospital medical charts originally, by the way. The word did not exist prior to Freud.)
I found that if I mispelled it like fuk it would be in the comment. Okay, it's a bot. *f*u*c*k* worked. Bot again.
The real question of the day was not answered yet. Still a mystery.
What happened to Babs and Denise?
I wrote several posts... something about "Where the FUCK ARE THEY AND WHAT IS THIS CENSORSHIP BULLSHIT?" and titled them something like FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK and FUCK YOU FUKKING FUCKSTERS...and left a comment or two in the same light, posted a very artistic picture of a couple of penis's tattooed like snakes and a bite me sammuch just to see if a bot was doing the editing or if a real human chickenshit ROBOT paid to delete person was actually reading the posts and comments.
WHAM!!! BAM!!! YOU'RE GONE!!! On a Quest was gone. All my comments were gone...all the links and comments on my blog buddies were gone. There WAS a real person reading comments and blogs and killing the bloggers who fussed. Get rid of the bad kids. Kick them out of the Club.
I "ran" as fast as I could to the COTOG2 blog and started notification of my buddies that they were going to kill me.
Posted a couple of "Fuck you farewell assholes, don't anybody click on the Google ads and make these fuckers any more money, I wanted you to delete this blog along time ago any way and you said you couldn't" Left a comment on the owner and editors ads with a lot of mispelled words like fuk ufukkincoksukinfuksticks or something like that and went out in a blaze of GLORY... in the middle of e-mailing Grumpy.
I imagine they will say I was harrasing them with bad typos, encouringing financial failure by telling people to boycott their Google ad's, posted porn and objectionable and/or copyrighted material and therefore violated you know who's the asshole's user agreement ( I started blogging there when Arthur still had it) and they reserve the right to boot anyone off they want....etc....etc...
That leads me to post my very favorite Walleye Man "article"...


"Right after I get my drug, I have a burst of energy, don't want to sleep and usually get a hard on immediately as the drug is going into my veins. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if I felt that great all the time- I think it scares me." Tony Walleye 10/13/05

Well... now I have to tell you...that scares me a lot too.

Maybe those artsy fukity snakes belonged to him.

My note from the Universe Today...

I am always amazed at what my Daily Note from the Universe says...always perfect is my note for today:

It's always been my intention that one day you'd inherit the earth, have dominion over all things, and thoroughly kick butt.
How does today sound?
Think of it,

The Universe

You can get your own daily note's here at Tut's Adventurer's Club.
It's an awesome organization. Tally Ho!!

Thoughts really do Create Things!
Think good ones!
Think fun ones!
Dare to Dream and Act on those Dreams!!