Wednesday, February 08, 2006 - Tony Stewart gets hearse back from SPEED Channel's Unique Whips - Tony Stewart gets hearse back from SPEED Channel's Unique Whips

This is one of the reasons that I enjoy Tony Stewart so. He looks for fun in his life and he is not afraid to be weird. I look forward to the hurse being finished.
The Grateful Dead had a hearse in my old life. What a long strange trip it's been. Being a Deadhead and a NASCAR Fan really isn't that much different actually. They are each a Culture of their own, with many diverse people sharing the love of something in common...having fun, unique experiences with people all over the lad. Travelling far to see you favorites. Your hero's.
Jerry Garcia would have loved Tony's spirit of adventure. His dedication to his personal growth and spirit and loyalty to his group of family and freinds would have got him a pat on the back and a Right On!! as only Jerry could do. When he said it he meant it. Then they could have had a long converstion about Fractals and Chaos Theory and how it could be applied to Tony's life and performance. What a conversation the would be. Just imagine Tony crediting Quantum Physics for his improvement. That would be so awsome. **laughing as I write.** It would be too cool. Bad cool. Wicked cool!
Boogity! Boogity! Boogity!!


Nancy said...

Clance I didn't know who Tony Stewart was until yesterday I saw him in a commecial...he's a real cutie pie. Go Tony!

Lauren said...

This post was worth the wait!!! LOL!! Tony and Jerry. . . THAT would be a sight. . . Better yet, Tony and Jerry being interviewed by DW. . .

Boogity indeed!!!!


chattymoon2012 said...

I am absolutely clueless when it comes to Nascar (or any spot for that matter as you know;-) ) and wasn't a Deadhead (but I love their music, damn I feel old) but when you said Jerry Garcia that icecream bell rang loudly in my head *he he he* I am trying to kick the Equal habit after using artificial sugar all my life. I couldn't believe there are actual withdrawal symptoms with this stuff. Now I have a splitting headache like for if you don't drink coffee for a while. I can't stop cold turkey. Let's just say I am "easing off of it slowly". My brother told me to go to an aspartame site that scared the shit outta me.....well, Chunky Monkey for me,lol....hugz, Linda PS thanks for your so-kind remarks in my blog *sniff*, take care

Babs said...

I didn't see this on your NASCAR blog!! Did you forget to put it there!
Tony's a trip!
No rain delay tonight, pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!

Clance' McClannahan said...

yes I posted to the wron blog...I will stick it there today in cace I get stuck with nuthin to write about.