Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Harlequin Romance NASCAR Oriented Novelists Wanted

Ladies, start your engines.
"Harlequin Enterprises is ready to get you all revved up.
The romance novel publisher has hooked up with NASCAR to put out a line of truly racy romances.
In the pole position, due next month, is "In the Groove" by Pamela Britton. It's the story of a former teacher named Sarah Tingle — yes, Tingle — who is forced to take a job driving the team bus for a fictional driver.
"He's upset 'cause she doesn't know who he is, and sparks fly," Harlequin spokeswoman Katherine Orr said.
It was Britton's idea to stage the unlikely wedding of NASCAR and Harlequin. She wrote a racing romance last year titled "Dangerous Curves" and wooed Harlequin with the series. The publisher popped the question, and the two embraced wildly in a feverish clinch, also known as a licensing agreement.
It might seem a star-crossed affair. But NASCAR claims that it has 30 million women in its fan base.
Harlequin, which sold 130 million books in 2004, offers a spectrum of sexuality in its various series. The NASCAR books will have "a very low level of sensuality," by romance novel standards, Orr said. "It's a family-oriented sport."
But one that, nevertheless, makes Sarah tingle."

Harlequin Romance Writer's are one of the most widely read Author's that there are. I have never quite figured that out personally, but then I am not into romance novel's. I don't believe I have ever even read one and I know I have not ever read one of the Harlequin's.
I think I'll go to the thrift store and buy (ugh) a couple for a quarter and (ugh) read them. The thought makes the nausea start churning in my gut.
I am as worthy of writing garbage and getting rich person who wrote all that garbage and got rich. They have just been smarter than I, and targeted the right market.
If your interested in the submission guidelines they are at the Harlequin Website along with a lot of actually, very good "Learn to write and get published information."
Maybe we should have a little "Who can write the best NASCAR oriented Romance Novel" Writer's Group. Like real novelist's do.
Some possible titles:
Talladega Tryst
Humpin at Humpy's
Love at Lowes
Charlotte's 20o
Sittin on the Pole **teehee**
I couldn't help that one.

Rae Monet has written one that probably will give you an idea of the content. You can check it out here


soonerfan78 said...

Daytona Date Rape!

Talledega Torrid Affair

Texas Motor Speedway Speedo

Darlington Darling

Bristol Bilster

Over In Dover, I got my REAR END LUBED

Pocono-need I say more

the list is

Babs said...

LOL at Sooner...actually I still am a member on a Chad Knaus fan club message board. I may not like JJ, but something about Chad Knaus...I love intelligent men...think it's highly sexy...anyway, there are some people there that have writen fan-fic. Most of it involving Chad Knaus...go figure...
I think what I would come up with, would be to dirty to publish under the Harlequin name... hehehehe. I can't stomach those novels. I'm like will you 2 just fuck already and quit with the bullshit!! :)

Babs said...

You've been tagged...see my blog...
It's your turn to answer the questions I had to answer and post them on your blog....then you can tag other people...
Have fun!!!

Babs said...

I know...I said something similar to the person that sent it to me...LOL :)

Clance' McClannahan said...

Sooner? Can I use those titles if I give you the credit for the Originality?

soonerfan78 said...

Certainly, go for it DAHLING!

Lauren said...

And lest we forget. . .

Bristol Bimbos (OOOPPS!! That's a porno title!!!)

The Senorita From Sonoma

Date in Daytona

The Kenseth Connection (with factual content by Babs!!!)

Babs said...

Love at Full Throtle

I'm just gonna stop there, told you, they'd turn more into NASCAR porn than romance novels!!!! Ya--hooo!!

Rae Monet said...

Well you can imagine my mouth falling open when I saw this post, LOL. Yeppers, my book, Racing Hearts, is erotica, that's HOT romance, not made for eyes under 18 and not even remotely associated with the HQ/NASCAR project (written for a completely different publisher), obviously, but hey thanks for mentioning it ;) anyway. Harlequin/NASCAR have some retrictions on the bleep that my books wouldn't meet. But that aside, I've read an ARC of Pam Britton's IN THE GROOVE. Fantastic book, not a racy as mine, no pun intended, but she's a fab writer and I think you'll enjoy it.

Babs said...

Wow Clance!! She noticed you! You ARE special!
If she writes NASCAR porn, I could handle it. It's all the stupid melodrama with romance novels that turns my stomach.
Girl meets boy, but doesn't want to fall in love with boy, but does anyways. They have a fight over something in one of the other's past, then go through a stupid drama back and forth until they finally come back together and end up in each other's arms. The End. Blah...