Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I wrote this really great post and messed up something and kept losing my links...then I published it and lost it. Oh well...it was just a bitch fest.
I was finishing my daily routine for you. You don't want to know. It makes me tired.
What is the big news and buzz about tonite? Well let me tell you. There are a lot of men upset at a NATIONAL EMERGENCY that happens this evening. OH my GOLLY GEE...SIT DOWN WHILE YOU READ THIS.

Will the Victoria's Secret Holiday Special be broadcast in HD or NOT?
What is Victoria's fuckin Secret anyway?
I think Victoria is a cross dressing Man.
Here is a book you can get the real Victoria for Christmas.
Thanks to Tina Renee for turning me on to that link. **lol** Very funny. Just what I needed. (by the way, Tina Renee has the best Tony Stewart site out there.)

Oh! While your here...run over to The Church and read the post about the Driver's Survivor Contest. Read carefully because it's a funky tricky little contest. then go to and vote for Dale Jr every day until we put him out... then we will move onto Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson from there. We have to be cunning....


Babs said...

Just voted for Jr., but Jeffie is in the lead to be voted off, followed by Jr. I posted the current results over on the Church.

tazfan said...

I voted. I voted!! I'm trying to byebye JR. So I am being a good girl. Can I win Tony if I am good? :)

Babs said...

Yeah! 8 hours of sleep for you too!

Psst...I wouldn't call Wendy Tony's biggest UK fan, she's lost a lot of weight, yeah Wendy!!!
I would say she's the GREATEST....

Babs said...

No, that wasn't mean and shallow at all....one should not need a magnifying glass to find it. :)