Saturday, June 24, 2006

Free Iraqi

I want to call your attention to a blog that I have been reading for awhile.
Ali is a man is an Iraqi gentleman, who lives in Baghdad. His insight, commentary and perspectives paint a balanced picture of what is really happening in the Iraq. Ali commentary comes from an honest place within himself. His posts are not biased or influenced by the American or World Media. He glories in the gift of free speech.
He speaks of the cultures and beliefs that divide his country.
He speaks about the Sunni insurgency from the perspective of a free Iraqi.
He speaks of the American Military presence from the balanced perspective of a "Freed" Iraqi.
He speaks of the formulation of the new government without the bias of a preferred party, belief system, or foreigners influence.
He was "out" for bit and is now back in the blogosphere.
We are glad you are back, and above all, safe, Ali. Please continue to teach us what your world is about...
And thank you.

Free Iraqi

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PJ said...

I would like to read this blog. Where is it? Drunk dialing - LOL