Monday, May 08, 2006

Who, What Where and Why?

This is a picture of The Elk Creek Meanders in Idaho's Stanley Basin. One of the most beautiful places you could ever see. It is about 3 hours from me.
The town of Stanley is routinely the coldest place in the U.S. in the winter.
There are a ton of natural hot springs all over.

Can you guess who said this?

"To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you
are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want
to get there."

I'll give you another clue tomorrow.
Can you guess why I am asking? Give it a shot...

My letter from the Universe today:

"You know how the wind, no matter how blustery, remains as silent as it is invisible, until it meets with leaves, and kites, and flags, and such? Well, Clance', it’s exactly the same with the manifesting forces that make dreams come true, until they meet with expectation. And right this second, they're whirling all around you, my little chiquita.

Happy Monday - The Universe

**NEWS FLASH * WEATHER ADVISORY ~ This week's forecast will be marked with buoyant optimism scattered throughout the land (especially over Boise) with intermittent bursts of hope, faith and euphoria that are expected to create numerous high pressure cells ideal for dreams coming true. So get on out there, Clance', and soak up those manifesting rays; it's going to be gorgeous.

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!"

JEESH!! I LOVE Mike Dooley. You can get a Daily Note from the Universe too.
His Adventurer's Club is too much fun. He also has a lot of really neat free e-cards. There is never any spam, and the Adventurer's Club and Forum is a ton of fun and very inspiring. It is one of my favorite sites on the Web.

Gotta go. I have ton of things to do today. I am determined to finish the last of the painting I started awhile back. We got our new furniture and I can arrange it until the painting's done. I should probably douche out my house while I am at it too.
I get way too distracted by shiny objects way too easily I guess.
I am having Denise do a new template for the Church for me. The way I am motivating myself to finish is , as soon as I have all my other projects done... I get to play with what I want to do at the Church.
I am so like a little kid. I just want to play all day right now. It was a long ,rough winter. I am still recovering from Hell.**

**Update on Dale: Dale's hell still continue's in a lot of ways. He is still in a lot of pain all the time. His energy lever is nil. He is sleeping most of the time right now, catching up and healing from the ordeal. The Ribaviron stays in his system for 6 months. BUT at least the psych effects from the Interferon and Ribaviron combo are getting better every day. I am seeing some of the "guy I fell in love with" a little more every day. He is not near as cranky, and we even went 7 whole days without a disagreement of any kind (other than our political oppositional stands about George dummer-n-IQ60-ya. ** ).
Life is beginning to get back to normal in tiny bits every day.


...Tally HO!!

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