Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday's Monday Photo Shoot

My dear freind Antonette has a cool thing going on at her blog, called Monday Photo Shoot.
Here are the directions, stolen word for word from her blog, Jottings from Jersey, by me.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Snap some shots of the birds around you. Whether they're out your window or in your house as pets, let's see some pictures of your fine feathered friends. You can take new shots or use old ones -- but try not to use shot you've already used before. Also remember that although it's called the Monday Photo Shoot, you can put up pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday morning and still have them part of the roundup on Thursday afternoon.
If you aren't already aware, Antonette has one of the best NASCAR blogs aroun...
Unrestricted: My NASCAR Rants and Raves. Antonette has also built a beautiful Memorial Website to Dale Earnhardt Sr, She is an Earnhardt Fan Always 3 Lady of the Blogoshere. Check out all her sites. Each is unique and wonderful. Her personal blog Jottings from Jersey, has always got a meme or two on it. She is just a lot of fun.

Here is a Red Hawk that was flying above my house night before last. I am elusively chasing my wild canary's again this year...They are shredding the screen on my office window to make a nest in the tree just off my window sill. I will get some pictures. I am determined. They are a bit of a challenge. They just don't sit still and they are fast.

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