Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

We are headed out tomorrow morning for a little long weekend. We are going up into the Eagle Cap Wilderness area of OR ` Sumpter OR to be exact. There is a huge flea market and goldmining festival there evry Memeorial Day Weekend. I can't wait.
It's also my growing up stomping grounds. I grew up in Eastern Or and lived in the Eagle Caps Wilderness area of Joseph/ Wallowa Lake as an adult for awhile. I also live in the teensy town of Richland when I was little and my father was working on the Construction of Hells Canyon Dam. Those years of living in Richland were the happiest of my childhood. I think that is where my love of freedom and joy began. I got my first "big"bike there. The town was so tiny. I was in second grade and I could go all over town all by my self. It was the first place we ever lived that I had my own room. I could walk or ride through town and people would say "Hi Clance! The entire town would shut down for homecoming football games. All the surrounding homes and farms had to tie down any loose, because it all ended up on Main St. at some point in the night. Mail boxes...Outhouses. Sheds. Wheelbarrows. Yard Decor. You name would have to go retrieve it. It was wonderful!
I love this trip.

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yellowdog granny said...

i loved oregon when i lived there.lived in portland and thought it was beautiful...but damn...everything smelled like mildew...and moss grew on everything...have a good time..or did you have a great it is nearly thursday after the holidays...