Sunday, March 19, 2006


I have someone who has been to my blogs many time according to the ip address. They read the Church blog today and came from a blog here. I always go check out other blogs and what is there is lot of very deep poetry and a last post type poem. I contacted the IP provider with th IP address which is all I can do. I am just sick tho. I hope it was just a poem. If not then thank the Universe for cookies.
The IP Provider Supervisor that I spoke with was runniung a trace on the IP address and contacting the local police immediately.
The post was written 22 minutes after the last visit to my blog. It says in the profile that she is in the 8th grade (mispelled weirdly, like on purpose) but the poetry on this blog and the other two blogs that are linked to it and go back awhile are way too deep for a child. I believe any way....She has been writing for awhile. Very intelligent, well done, deep posts...
Say a prayer for her....That is all we can do.
I just hope it is a venting poem or a cry for help....
Like I said...this person reads both my blogs all the time.
I was going to go take a nap and I decided to check my stats real quick. That was 7 minutes after the blog post.
I was having a really good day.
I am sending out a prayer call to the Tower Troops...

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Sam said...

Just stopping by to say hello. I know of a poet blogger, i am not sure if it is her or not, but i will not reveal any names.