Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Sometimes being your true radiant self, living in the moment, glad for all you already have and who you already are, isn't always easy.

Nope, such conditions create the precise moment in one's life when the floodgates of abundance swing open the farthest, giving rise to that persistent, nagging issue of the ages:

...where to put it all.


Caught you just in time, huh, ?

Tomorrow is Winter Equinox...
I sing...Out with the Dark and In with the LIGHT!!!


Rocky (Racquel) said...

So true!! Really!

Solstice tomorrow - way cool! I'm thinking I'll celebrate by dancing around in the backyard at midnight naked (except for my duckboots - don't wanna get frostbite on my toesies, after all)

tazfan said...

I best not dance round nekkid, the nieghbours might not like it :)
But I will wish for a happier time for all.

Lisa said...

that's right. i forget that it's the shortest day of the year. well, light-wise.
i love the graphics that you put in your posts.
i'm still waiting for the floodgates to open. :)

Babs said...

Bring back the light!!!

soonerfan78 said...

I am blogging naked, in the dark, and I am thankful for the LIGHT of my freinds, they illuminate my navigation through the adversity of the "MOMENT", they give me reason to find my way to slumber to begin the next day's stumbling and probing of lost meanderment, until I finally find refuge in my chair, here, doing what I do now.

Meery XMAS Clance, let your light shine on.;)

Clance' McClannahan said...

Some of you seem to be awfully interested in nekkidness...I try to save that for Summer Solstice or Autumnal Equinox myself. Too nipply here for nekkid.

Zoe said...

I have to go outside to my Medicine Wheel and pray to the four sacred directions, burn sage and pray the sun up and offer tobacco to thank the North direction for the winter solace and the time of rest. This Native likes to practice the 'old' ways. I also tied prayer ties filled with tobacco, in the four colors of the four great nations to the trees.

My neighbors think I am strange, no I am not strange just an Indian thanking Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.

chattymoon2012 said...

Willow sounds like an awesome personmust check out her blog....I am waiting for Solstice too, and hope I get my celestial "kick in the butt" as the days get longer (SAD just about kills me every year)....Happy Solstice everyone, even all you "nipply" people out there,lol