Sunday, November 27, 2005

Magic Children

The neatest thing happened this morning. Dale is very ill today with side effects from the medicine that masquerades as poison. Today is the worst day he has had.
My youngest daughter has (thank the Universe) finally left her husband. She took her Power back and left...I am so proud of her. She rented a little house, took my granddaughter Paige's things and said " I am outta here" after months of trying in a no go, not healthy for her or Paige situation. She gave it her all. I am proud of her for giving every shot she could and proud of her for calling it quits, no matter what it took. She left everything and doesn't care. She is filing her divorce papers tomorrow.
She called me this morning to see if I had any extra pots, pans, etc. that she could have so she didn't have to spend any extra money. I gathered up some stuff for her...a goody bag of dishes,dish soap, towels, T.P., shampoo, silverware and cooking utensils, extra blankets, sheets and pillows. (Guess what she's getting for Christmas?)
When they got here , Dale was finally asleep, so I ran the goody bag(s) out to the car. Paige said " Is Dale-papa sick?" She is 4 by the way. I said "Yes, honey he is still sick but he gonna get well again." She replied " I need to go touch his forehead and he will be well Grama."
I said okaaaaay ...I bet your touch will make him feel better...and hauled her in the house. She went over to where Dale was lying on the couch and told him" I am making you all well and layed her little hand on his forehead. She took her hand off, said "I think I will do it again" layed her hand on his head again and said "I'm done! Your all better now." It was precious. She skipped out of the house all happy.
It lit him up like a light.
For now anyway... his pain is gone. Interesting, huh?
I think we are capable of so much when we are children. We lose that along the way. Forget. Children can remind us to remember...again.


Babs said...

Sorry he wasn't feeling well! Glad you have a healing grand kid to help out!

Denise said...

The love of a child can sometimes do what medicine and other cures can't.

Denise said...

A tailgating recipe blog would be great!
Yes, I did the template myself. I like messing with that stuff.

Lauren said...

Clance'. . . Aren't little kids the greatest?? They have this total innocence that lets them just get right to the heart of the issue.

That just made my day!!!

apositivepessimist said...

well that made my heart smile. is that paige grinning from above clance?...if it is i can picture her ponytails skipping along out with her.


Ann said...

Little kids just amaze me sometimes. My guys sometimes say and do things that just blow me away. Funny enough, I am Jan 30, Aquarian.

Lisa said...

kids are great. what a sweet story.

soonerfan78 said...

That's a really sweet story, kids are amazing!!

HolyInheritance said...

Thank you for that beautiful story of total Love and perfect Trust that All is Well!

Healing is all about Love,
without opposite.


tazfan said...

Nothng like the love and faith of a child to make you feel all is well.